Red Sonja is Red Hot! 2017 / by shannon lieberman

 There is so much going on with Red Sonja right now! Amy Chu's run is very successful and well received! The Cosplay Covers and J Scott Campbell Covers are the Fan Favorites!

The Red Sonja downloadable Video Game is in Development by F84, and looks amazing!

Everything Legwear has developed a line of socks that are so adorable for Red Sonja.  They created a Chibi Red Sonja who is displayed on the socks.  So far they have already been picked up by 2,000 stores and counting.  More Details to Follow!

NJCroce's bendable Red Sonja Toy will be out in a few Months and is all finished! The fans are so excited about it's Vintage Marvel feel.  The Toy has been picked up by Diamond Distributions, Hot Topic and other channels.

Red Sonja is going to be teaming up with Boxes in Action to bring the fans Red Sonja storage boxes which are great for storing all their comics and merch! These are so unique and cool!

Funko has just begun development on the Red Sonja Rock Candy figure! We are all so excited.. spoiler alert there may be some fun Exclusive ones too!.

Just Funky is developing a gorgeous line of Red Sonja glassware, and blankets.   Every kind of drinking apparatus you can imagine!

And Last but not least the Red Sonja Live Action Project(s) continue in their development