Red Sonja Relaunch comes with Surprises / by shannon lieberman

Red Sonja relaunched this December with a 25c 0 issue by Amy Chu Illustrated by Carlos Gomez.  Red Sonja number one deputed yesterday with a lot of buzz and sales soaring.  Red Sonja number 1 is the talk of the town with two features for unknown talent.   Cosplayer Ashley Du received the honor of having the first cosplay variant on the cover of Red Sonja 1.  She looked amazing donning her chainmail bikini and boots! Ashley had a signing at her home town comic book shop in St Louis, MO and they sold out all the cosplay covers! Way to go Ashley!!!  Another talent discovery came in the form of a fan artist, Eric Bogue.  He received the first Artist Spotlight inside the Red Sonja 1 book.  He also had a signing at his hometown comic book shop, which he used to work at.  Eric and Ashley have shown immense gratitude and excitement regarding their features, and for these two Red Sonja supporters, it's been a beautiful start to 2017.  Congrats Eric and Ashley

Everyone is so excited about Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez.  This book features Red Sonja battling modern day society (and some familiar villains) in NYC.  So far the story is off to a very strong start.  It's nice to have a fresh new take!  And Red is back in her traditional garb, the iconic chainmail or scale mail Bikini!!!  Back by popular demand.