Dynamite Entertainment Announces Dynamite Toys / by Delon de Metz

The independent publisher behind licensed comics such as "Red Sonja" and "The Bionic Man" will launch a toy company spinoff next year.

Being one of the most successful publishers in the U.S. comic book industry -- with a portfolio that includes such well-known characters as the Shadow, Doc Savage and Vampirella -- is apparently not enough for New Jersey-based Dynamite Entertainment. As the company announced at the Dallas Toy Fair, soon it will move into the merchandise business with a new range of toys and games based on its comic output.

The launch of Dynamite Toys and Games is the end result of a multiyear process, according to Nick Barrucci, the CEO and publisher of Dynamite. "We have been building toward Dynamite Toys and Games for several years, waiting for a special occasion to reenter the 3D market, and our tenth anniversary [in 2014] is that moment," he said in the company's official announcement.

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The first properties to appear via Dynamite's toy line will be Army of Darkness, Vampirella, Red Sonja and The Six Million Dollar Man, with the latter celebrating its 40th anniversary with action figures, a statue and "novelties" from the company. Dynamite will also relaunch the "Eternal Toys" brand for a line of merchandise based on the Chaos Comics characters recently acquired by the company.

"Our initial plans and projections for action figures, novelties, gaming cards, board games, calendars, T- shirts, plush products and more has everyone involved very excited," Barrucci continued. "Retailers and fans worldwide can expect to see themed promotions moving forward, including such genre-based themes as Dynamite Women, science fiction, fantasy, sword and sorcery, magic, horror and so much more." Products from Dynamite Toys will start appearing in stores in 2014.

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