Latest Partner! by shannon lieberman

Red Sonja is so excited to announce our newest partner Boxes in Action! These storage bins are great for fans to store all their Red Sonja Comic and Merch!  Looking forward to developing something awesome with them!

Red Sonja is Red Hot! 2017 by shannon lieberman

 There is so much going on with Red Sonja right now! Amy Chu's run is very successful and well received! The Cosplay Covers and J Scott Campbell Covers are the Fan Favorites!

The Red Sonja downloadable Video Game is in Development by F84, and looks amazing!

Everything Legwear has developed a line of socks that are so adorable for Red Sonja.  They created a Chibi Red Sonja who is displayed on the socks.  So far they have already been picked up by 2,000 stores and counting.  More Details to Follow!

NJCroce's bendable Red Sonja Toy will be out in a few Months and is all finished! The fans are so excited about it's Vintage Marvel feel.  The Toy has been picked up by Diamond Distributions, Hot Topic and other channels.

Red Sonja is going to be teaming up with Boxes in Action to bring the fans Red Sonja storage boxes which are great for storing all their comics and merch! These are so unique and cool!

Funko has just begun development on the Red Sonja Rock Candy figure! We are all so excited.. spoiler alert there may be some fun Exclusive ones too!.

Just Funky is developing a gorgeous line of Red Sonja glassware, and blankets.   Every kind of drinking apparatus you can imagine!

And Last but not least the Red Sonja Live Action Project(s) continue in their development

Red Sonja Relaunch comes with Surprises by shannon lieberman

Red Sonja relaunched this December with a 25c 0 issue by Amy Chu Illustrated by Carlos Gomez.  Red Sonja number one deputed yesterday with a lot of buzz and sales soaring.  Red Sonja number 1 is the talk of the town with two features for unknown talent.   Cosplayer Ashley Du received the honor of having the first cosplay variant on the cover of Red Sonja 1.  She looked amazing donning her chainmail bikini and boots! Ashley had a signing at her home town comic book shop in St Louis, MO and they sold out all the cosplay covers! Way to go Ashley!!!  Another talent discovery came in the form of a fan artist, Eric Bogue.  He received the first Artist Spotlight inside the Red Sonja 1 book.  He also had a signing at his hometown comic book shop, which he used to work at.  Eric and Ashley have shown immense gratitude and excitement regarding their features, and for these two Red Sonja supporters, it's been a beautiful start to 2017.  Congrats Eric and Ashley

Everyone is so excited about Amy Chu and Carlos Gomez.  This book features Red Sonja battling modern day society (and some familiar villains) in NYC.  So far the story is off to a very strong start.  It's nice to have a fresh new take!  And Red is back in her traditional garb, the iconic chainmail or scale mail Bikini!!!  Back by popular demand. 

What's new and exciting!! by shannon lieberman

Red Sonja is RED HOT!!! The 0 25c issue is about to come out in December followed by a 1 issue relaunch in January.  Written by the incredible Amy Chu and illustrated by Carlos Gomez.  The sales are up up up on Red Sonja's comic book! And as they should be with this amazing team!

One of the greatest subscription boxes has also picked up the comic book once again- I'll announce who it is soon!

Dynamite will be publishing Cosplay Variant Covers of some of the hottest and most talented Red Sonja Cosplayers.  Dynamite wants to show their appreciation to the ladies who don the costume by giving them this honor!

We also will be doing an artist spotlight inside the comic book.  Where Dynamite would like to shed some light on an unknown artist who has drawn a beautiful Red Sonja picture.  We get ton's of fan art all the time, that could be professional.  This is our way of thanking the fans for choosing Red Sonja to devote their artistic time to, and we hope this could be ongoing. 

Red Sonja in Hollywood continues to develop and move forward - Mums the word on that

Red Sonja about to ink deals with three HOT HOT HOT merchandise companies.  2 of which are in the apparel world.  So excited to announce those very soon!

Bryan Singer Developing R-Rated Red Sonja Series For Television by Delon de Metz

I have it from a pretty reliable source that Fox's Fox’s X-Men franchise director Bryan Singer is currently developing an R-rated TV series based on Red Sonja. Now by saying R-rated that narrows down the places the series could run to something like HBO/Showtime or a streaming service like Netflix/Amazon.

Of course Luke Lieberman is involved seeing as he owns the property and will be executive producing along with Jason Taylor via Singer’s production company Bad Hat Harry. Singer will be directing and producing it along with Stephen L'Heureux and his Solipsist Films. And the money is coming from TWC/Dimension.

Red Sonja was adapted for live-action with Brigette Nielson and Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1985. The character made her comic debut in Conan the Barbarian #23 back in 1975 from writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith. She was loosely based on the Robert E. Howard character Red Sonya of Rogatino who first appeared in the Conan short story The Shadow of the Vulture in 1934. Currently the character has an on-going comic series published by Dynamite Entertainment and had a four-issue crossover with Conan last year.